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Top Real Estate Questions Answered

Top Real Estate Questions Answered
If you're considering buying or selling a property, I'm sure you have questions about what's happening in the real estate market today. I'm ready to provide you with real-time information and answers to all your real estate questions. I can supply you with vital market reports so you can be well-informed, including data on homes for sale in your area, homes sold and your home's current value. Here are some common questions:

Is Now a Good Time to Sell My Home? Yes! As more Americans are working from home than ever before, many are considering trading in the convenience of downtown living for more space and a less expensive big-city lifestyle. This new phenomenon, resuburbanization, has created a shift in the market. McMansions are back in demand as buyers seek extra space for extended families; easy-to-access, walkable, nearby suburbs are more desirable; and second homes within a few hours of major cities are also seeing an uptick in interest. All this, along with pending sales on the increase, indicates that now is indeed a good time to sell your home.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy? Yes! Mortgage rates are at some of the lowest levels in history – a prediction from Zillow economists reports that interest rates in 2021 may be as low as 2.5%. Mortgages continued to be written throughout the pandemic using virtual technology. We can expect to see even more deals closing as live open houses and showings start to resume with health safety measures in place.

Is it Better to Rent or Buy? Prior to the pandemic, people were on the move more. Now, we are spending more time at home where we not only live, but oftentimes work. Instead of paying a landlord to pay his mortgage, investing in homeownership makes sense. When you own a home, not only can you lock in your monthly payment for 15 or 30 years, your home will become more valuable over time. You can also deduct mortgage interest on your income taxes. Finding a home that suits your specific needs may come with an office workspace, too. All are great reasons to buy rather than rent.

Let me be your trusted advisor – I'm ready to share my expertise and answer all your real estate questions. Please contact me today for a presentation and discussion.
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